Want to enrich your Spanish?

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I’m Inés, a Spanish teacher and former expat who knows all too well what using your second language 24/7 feels like.

It often happens—when your head is stuck on grammar books and vocabulary lists—that you’re not aware of how much you don’t know about the language real-life people actually speak, until you move to or visit the country where that language is spoken.

Grammar and vocabulary are very important—the foundations of the language you want to learn. But if you don’t dig deeper (or build higher) than that, one day you’ll find yourself able to read Spanish literature but totally clueless when ordering at a restaurant, writing an email, or wanting to make a good impression on the new people you meet.

I’m here to help you expand your spoken and written Spanish, and acquire the understanding of Spanish culture you need to communicate with Spaniards effectively.

Here’s what I can help you with:


Journey to Spain Creative Program

A creative program that will immerse you into Spanish culture, improve your reading and listening comprehension, and boost your confidence in your Spanish writing and speaking skills.

1:1 Spanish Conversation

Sessions focused on everyday speech and interaction. They’ll help you feel at ease while communicating in Spanish, and expand your knowledge of Spanish culture.

1:1 Travel Spanish

Learn all about the places you’ll visit, plus the language basics in preparation for your trip! These lessons are great for travelers and future expats, and come loaded with useful tips.

1:1 Spanish Skill Building

(Re)build the foundation you need to boost your Spanish and enjoy your Spanish learning journey. Understand the structure behind the language so you can practice Spanish with confidence.