A 4-week online program that will help you:



• Improve your writing


• Speak with confidence


• Learn about Spanish culture


Do you need a little push to get back on track with your Spanish?

You really want to start practicing your Spanish again but it seems like it’s never the right time, and you don’t feel ready to make a long-term commitment. “Weekly language sessions? For how long?? I cannot commit to that, I’m too busy!”

However, part of you wishes somebody gave you a little push that puts you back in the right direction and inspires you to take up Spanish again.

A chance to forget your “busy-ness”, take a mental vacation and transport yourself to Spain for a few hours. An opportunity to get back into the habit, and rediscover your confidence in Spanish. All this while feeling safe because it won’t take too much of your time.

You know that once you’re back on track, there’s no telling where your Spanish will take you. It’s just a question of finding a project that inspires you, right?

Join my Journey to Spain online program.

A 4-week immersion into Spanish culture that will help you:

  • Learn to express yourself in Spanish, find your words and get them flowing.
  • Gain confidence in your writing and conversation.
  • Leave your self-doubt behind, knowing you can count on your Spanish to deliver your ideas to the world.
  • Get ready to create meaningful connections with Spanish-speaking friends.
  • Trade stress for inspiration in your Spanish-learning journey.

All this with the help of a tour guide that will take you on a 4-week virtual trip to Spain, keep you inspired with writing prompts and creative questions, and give you corrections and useful feedback.

What level of Spanish do you need to be able to participate?

An intermediate (or advanced) level of Spanish and an interest in learning more about Spain‘s culture and daily life.

*If you’re not sure what your level is, you can contact me.

What will you get out of this program?


  • Confidence in your ability to communicate in Spanish. — You’ll lose your fear to make mistakes, learn to experiment with your Spanish, and feel ready to start making connections with real people.
  • A writing in Spanish that sounds natural, just like when you use your native language. — You’ll be surprised at how much your Spanish writing improves by the end of the program.
  • New words and expressions that will make you sound like a real Spaniard. — You’ll improve your fluency, and discover fun ways to keep practicing your Spanish and learning new vocabulary on your own.
  • A knowledge of what grammar points you need to improve. — You’ll work with me 1:1, and my feedback will tell you what grammar you need to review and what grammar you ace.
  • A creative way to travel to Spain from your living room. — You’ll indulge yourself with a 4-week virtual trip to Spain’s exciting lifestyle, and get to understand the country and its language a lot better.
  • A written collection of creative pieces inspired by Spain’s culture. — You’ll develop a taste for using travels as a source of inspiration, and that momentum can easily become a habit that you can enjoy forever. The more you write, the better you get at it!

What do others say?

“This is an amazingly inspiring course which, while focusing on writing,
also provides reading, listening and speaking practice.

The exercises have inspired me to be more creative, and learn interesting and new vocabulary. Inés’ feedback has helped me become aware of grammar points I need to improve.

I loved using my imagination as a means to improve my Spanish!”

Audrey Smith

Journey to Spain participant, expat in Spain

A program designed to help you improve your writing,

speak with confidence, and discover more about Spanish culture.

What’s inside?

Weekly Spain inspiration:

Each week, you’ll get videos and reading materials to immerse you into Spain’s culture and ignite your imagination.

These are authentic materials intended for native Spanish speakers.

You’ll also get invaluable information and tips on how to do further research on each topic—this is optional and you won’t need to read/watch all the materials in order to do the assignments.


Weekly writing prompt: 

Along with the video and reading materials, you’ll get 1 writing assignment per week.

You’ll imagine you take part in a series of cultural events in Spain, and write texts that are short and flexible, so you can focus on the fun of writing.

You decide if you want to write a travel journal, fiction short stories or a series of emails/letters/postcards to someone you love.

You’ll write 200 to 300 words per week.


Weekly speaking:

A weekly spoken activity where you’ll practice the vocabulary and ideas you’ve explored through your writing by recording yourself speaking.

You’ll have the chance to practice your spoken Spanish in a casual setting, and learn to talk about yourself and give your opinion about a series of topics related—but not limited!—to Spanish culture.


Detailed feedback for each assignment:

I’ll send you corrections and detailed comments on each assignment you submit.

This includes helpful feedback on the grammar/vocabulary you used, idiom recommendations, and correct pronunciation.

Plus suggestions on how you can improve each of your writings.


Someone right there with you the whole journey:

You’ll get unlimited Q&A and feedback during the duration of the program.

After the program, you’ll always be welcome to shoot me an email whenever you need inspiration to keep practicing your Spanish.


At the end of the program, you’ll have the chance to select your favorite text and turn in your revised copy for my comments.

What will we focus on each week?

Week 1 — History & Cinema

You’ll discover Spanish history hidden in famous TV shows. You’ll explore the connection between history and cinema, and how films help viewers learn about the past.

Week 2 — Art

You’ll imagine you meet your favorite painter and write a creative text about it. You’ll explore the role of art in today’s society, and how art can be representative of a culture.

Week 3 — Music

You’ll explore Spain’s folk music together. You’ll be invited to take part in a town’s traditional celebrations, and even have the chance to learn the regional dance!

Week 4 — Food

You’ll go on a tour to taste the best tapas in Spain, and you’ll journal about it. You’ll discuss the role of food in socializing, healthy diets, and Spain’s delicious food culture.

Who will be your teacher?


I’m Inés Ramos, a native Spaniard from Madrid.

I’m a Spanish online teacher, writer, and arts-and-history geek.

I’ve been teaching languages for 11 years.

I love sharing my passion for Spain’s culture and lifestyle with my students.

And I’d like to take you on an inspiring journey that will rekindle your love for Spanish.

How much does it cost?

Your investment is $260 USD.

The next edition runs June 3th to June 30th, 2019.

Registration open until May 30th.

Want to improve your Spanish in just 4 weeks?

One-time payment of $260 USD via Wave Apps

Registration closes in:








Not sure this is for you? Here’s a checklist to guide you:

This program is for you if:
  • You are an intermediate or advanced student of Spanish and want to gain confidence in your ability to communicate in Spanish.
  • You have 20 min. free per day (or 2 hours per week) to dedicate to this program. (I’ll give you enough materials to work for longer if you wish to).
  • You understand that learning a language goes far beyond memorizing grammar rules or vocabulary from a textbook.
  • You want specific feedback on your writing and speaking so you can improve both.
  • You are ready to explore Spain’s culture and lifestyle with an open, adventurous mind.
This program might not be for you if:
  • You don’t have an intermediate level of Spanish yet. (If you’re not sure, contact me through the form at the bottom of this page.)
  • You can’t commit to dedicating 2 hours each week to work on your Spanish.
  • You need help with writing for a specific purpose (academic writing, work emails, your own project).
  • You’re not interested in learning more about Spain and Spanish culture.


What do I need to participate?
  • A desktop computer with a reliable Internet connection.
  • A Google account (it’s free) so you can use Google Docs.
  • An intermediate or advanced level of Spanish.
  • Eagerness to learn while having fun!
How do assignments work?
  • You’ll get 2 new assignments per week (one written prompt + one speaking exercise) each Monday.
  • You’ll have 6 days to complete both assignments at your own pace, and turn them in for correction and feedback.
  • The deadline for submitting assignments is Sunday at 3pm, US Central Standard Time (10pm CET).
  • I will send you corrections and feedback on Monday/Tuesday.
  • The assignments and feedback will be done on Google Docs., and you’ll have your own Trello board so you can keep track of everything.
How do payments work?

Payment is made via Wave Apps, a secure third-party online payment processor similar to Paypal. You can pay with credit or debit card.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes! If you change your mind about participating, you can ask for a full refund up till June 2nd.

Can I get in contact with you before I book?

Sure! Please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Want to improve your Spanish in just 4 weeks?

One-time payment of $260 USD via Wave Apps

Registration closes in:








Need to get in touch?

Ask me your questions! I’ll be happy to help and point you in the right direction.

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