Tired of memorizing grammar rules without real-life practice?

Let’s journey through spoken Spanish together.

Without a teacher that guides you in your conversation, and who’s there to listen, you’re not aware of the mistakes you make that will prevent native speakers from understanding you, and—what is worse—you start fossilizing those mistakes.

When speaking, you have little time to think about how to say what you want to say, and sometimes when you finally find the words, the conversation has already moved on. That’s why you need guidance and practice until you become fluent enough to speak naturally and intuitively with native speakers. 

Hint: it’s not about perfection; in fact, it’s about not letting perfectionism prevent you from making progress. When you’re too afraid to make mistakes, you become stuck and lose focus of what’s important: practice. In my lessons, I’ll help you learn to avoid the mistakes that will prevent effective communication while at the same time help you enjoy the process of learning from practice and from your own mistakes.

I believe

  • That to learn a language, you need to use it, not just study it.
  • That grammar and vocabulary are the foundations of any language, but in order to truly learn Spanish you need practice. If you build a solid foundation but forget to build walls, you don’t have a house: you have an empty lot.
  • That regular practice is what will transform your empty lot into a sturdy dwelling where you feel at home.
  • That you don’t need to memorize even more words and grammar rules to be able to speak spontaneously.
  • That you don’t need to be “gifted” at languages to boost your Spanish, just an interest in discovering more about the culture associated with it (that’ll keep you inspired to keep learning) and determination to practice consistently.

Ready to explore new language skills and learn more about Spain through casual one-on-one conversations?

Here’s what you will get out of working with me:
  • Learn and understand the language real people speak.
  • Stress less about your Spanish conversation and learn to communicate with native speakers with ease.
  • Gain confidence and be able to participate fully and spontaneously in social gatherings.
  • Practice your spoken Spanish—and improve your understanding of spoken Spanish—with relevant topics that are important to you.
  • Learn how to prioritize speaking in your learning process, and how to develop strategies to acquire vocabulary, idioms and colloquialisms.
  • Feel connected to Spanish culture and familiarize yourself with key topics of Spain’s traditions and lifestyle.
  • Show off your knowledge of Spanish culture when people come to visit.
  • Fully immerse yourself into Spain’s language and culture.


What level of Spanish do I need to benefit from these lessons?

The minimum entry requirements are an intermediate level of Spanish (equivalent to CEFR level B1 or at least 2 years of formal, regular study) and an interest in fun, lively conversations about topics related to Spain‘s culture, travel and lifestyle.

To make sure we’re a good fit, we’ll first get to know each other with a FREE 25-minute live assessment. During this session, you’ll tell me about yourself, your passions, the books and movies you enjoy, why you’re interested in Spain, and what kind of conversations you would like to have in Spanish. You’ll have the chance to ask me any questions you have, and I’ll asses your level and make sure you’ll benefit from these lessons (otherwise I’ll suggest a program that’s a better fit for you).

Tell me more about these lessons

These lessons are focused on spoken sentence structure, interaction, everyday speech, vocabulary, idioms, improvisation, role-playing, how to argue a point, etc. 

Each lesson is a speaking practice journey with constant feedback. We can focus on subjects like Spain’s traditions, culture, food and daily life, or on other topics that interest you (the live assessment will help us discover what interests we share).


One-on-One Lessons

Our 55-minute Spanish conversation lessons will take place via Zoom videoconference. Each one-on-one lesson will give you the opportunity to both speak and listen to a native teacher from Spain in real time.
If you have specific needs for work, travel, or study, I can address them in our lessons.


Helpful Feedback

Throughout the lesson, I’ll take notes for you so you can concentrate on speaking and listening. During the conversation, I will make corrections on pronunciation and introduce new vocabulary and phrases that will help you sound more Spanish and acquire new ways to express yourself.



After the lesson, you will get the session’s notes and useful feedback via Google Docs. Plus 1 speaking assignment sent by email to keep you on track until we meet again.
You’ll also have unlimited Q&A via email regarding language and cultural issues that you may encounter during the time we work together.

That all sounds great, but can we talk money?

Sure! With my Conversation program you pay per month. This books a guaranteed time slot just for you, and it saves you money: all monthly plans include a discount. Plus, studies show that setting a specific time each week to study a language leads to successful, and faster! results.

Monthly plans are fixedly priced, which means that you will pay the same amount each month, regardless of how many lessons you receive. For example, if your lessons are on Tuesdays, and one month has five Tuesdays instead of four, the price will stay the same. 

The on-demand rate is for students who only need occasional help or students who, for personal/professional reasons, cannot commit to a regular slot and prefer to book on an as-needed basis.

Ready to start the journey?

Fill out the application form to book a free 25-min consultation with me:

What others are saying:

Thank you for everything this past year and a half.
You’ve helped me out a lot and made me better at Spanish.
If I ever need help again, I know who to go back to.

C. L. - 9th/10th grader

General Spanish student

Your lessons have been very effective.
I have learned more with you in two months ​than with the teacher
​I had during the whole school year!

Gonzalo S.

Spanish student

Have any questions?

Get in touch! I’ll be happy to answer and point you in the right direction.

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