1:1 Spanish Conversation


Learning a language is not about perfection. It’s about practice!

Does this resonate with you?

  • To learn a language, you need to use it, not just study it.
  • You don’t need to memorize even more grammar rules to be able to speak spontaneously.
  • You don’t need to be “gifted” at languages to boost your Spanish, only determination to practice consistently.
  • You’re interested in discovering more about Spanish culture, and that keeps you motivated to keep learning.

Let’s journey through spoken Spanish together.

Hey there! I’m Inés, a certified native teacher from Spain with 15 years of experience.

I’d love to be your conversation buddy and help you improve your Spanish fluency.

There are two types of 1:1 Conversation you can book with me.

>> Please note, these are for intermediate and advanced students (B1-C1), not for beginners.

45-min Spanish Coffee Break

An opportunity to practice your Spanish with a native teacher in a casual setting.
Similar to a conversation with a friend: informal, lively, fun. Show up and start talking about whatever comes to mind!


  • Stress less about your Spanish conversation.
  • Improve your fluency and comprehension.
  • Acquire new vocabulary and get pronunciation tips.
  • Practice your spoken Spanish with topics that are relevant to you.
  • Learn to communicate with native speakers with ease.

You will get a document after the session with all the new vocabulary and expressions.

60-min Spanish Conversation & Culture Lessons

Improve your conversational skills through inspiring conversations about Spain’s culture.
A long-term strategy that includes weekly 1-hour live lessons + authentic materials + weekly homework (1 assignment) + follow-up + Q&A.
40€/week paid at the beginning of the month (175€/month). —Lesson packages also available if you can’t commit monthly.


  • Boost your confidence and learn to speak spontaneously with native speakers.
  • Understand the language real people speak so you can participate fully in social gatherings.
  • Improve your pronunciation and speech accuracy.
  • Develop strategies to acquire new vocabulary, idioms and colloquialisms—become an autonomous learner.
  • Feel connected to Spain—familiarize yourself with key topics of Spanish culture, traditions and lifestyle.

Want to meet me before you buy? Book a 30-minute free consultation so we can discuss your goals and get to know each other.

“Having lessons with Inés is like catching up with an old friend who happens to speak Spanish. It felt like we’d known each other forever and I completely forgot that I hadn’t spoken Spanish for the last 11 months.

She lives in the States, but she made me feel like I was in Spain with her, having drinks and chatting together.

She has a way of sensing what vocab I don’t know and explaining it in a way as if she were elaborating for a friend, not as a teacher. That makes it more authentic and spontaneous. And, although it’s more challenging to understand the meaning of a word/expression that way, it also becomes more memorable!

After lessons, she sent a wonderful list of things to watch out for and new vocab for me to work on. She definitely inspired me to keep practicing my Spanish!

Elfin Waters

Spanish Conversation student


Why should I take conversation lessons?

When speaking in a foreign language, you have little time to think about how to say what you want to say. Sometimes, when you finally find the perfect words, the conversation has already moved on. It’s super frustrating, isn’t it?

That’s why you need guidance and practice until you become fluent enough to speak naturally and intuitively with native speakers. Just like you do in your native language.

With a teacher that guides you in your conversation, and who’s there to listen, you become aware of the mistakes you make that can prevent native speakers from understanding you. You also avoid fossilizing those mistakes, which will make your progress much easier.

Hint: it’s not about perfection. In fact, it’s about not letting perfectionism prevent you from making progress. When you don’t practice your spoken Spanish regularly, you become too afraid to make mistakes. You can get stuck and lose focus of what’s important: effective communication.

In my lessons, I help you learn to avoid mistakes that can prevent effective communication, and I let you enjoy the process of learning by trial and error with meaningful, zero-judgments, fun conversations.

What level of Spanish do I need to benefit from these lessons?

The minimum entry requirements are: 1) an intermediate level of Spanish—equivalent to CEFR level B1 or at least 2 years of formal, regular study—and 2) an interest in fun, lively conversations about topics related—but not limited—to Spain’s culture, traditions, travel and lifestyle.

To make sure we’re a good fit, we’ll first get to know each other with a 30-minute free consultationDuring this session, you’ll tell me about yourself, your passions, your hobbies, why you’re interested in learning more about Spain, and what kind of conversations you’d like to have in Spanish. You’ll have the chance to ask me any questions you have, and I’ll asses your level and make sure you’ll benefit from these lessons (otherwise I’ll suggest a program that’s a better fit for you).

What’s the difference between the two options?

Spanish Coffee Breaks are informal chats that will give you the chance to practice your Spanish in a casual setting. Show up and start talking with me about whatever comes to mind. Just like a real coffee break with a friend! Except, in this case, your friend is a native Spanish teacher that will help you improve your fluency and pronunciation. There is no long-term commitment, and you can book as needed.

Spanish Conversation & Culture are personalized lessons that come with a long-term strategy to really boost your fluency and improve your understanding in Spanish. This is a monthly subscription that includes one 60-min lesson per week, with a regular slot—which studies show brings better and faster results. A series of carefully chosen, authentic materials will help you learn about topics related to all sides of Spanish culture, which will give you the cultural immersion you need to connect with native speakers with ease. It includes weekly assignments, follow-up and unlimited Q&A.

Tell me more about the Spanish Conversation & Culture lessons (monthly subscription).

These lessons are focused on improving your fluency and comprehension long-term. We’ll cover spoken sentence structure, interaction, everyday speech, vocabulary, idioms, improvisation, presentations, role-playing, how to argue a point, etc. 

Each lesson is a speaking practice journey with constant feedback. You’ll be talking most of the time, and I’ll be your supportive speaking partner. We can focus on subjects related to Spain (traditions, art, music, food, lifestyle), or on other topics that interest you (the consultation will help us discover what we have in common).


One-on-One Lessons

Our 60-minute Spanish conversation lessons will take place via Zoom videoconference. Each lesson will give you the opportunity to both speak and listen to a native teacher from Spain, and get feedback in real time.
If you have specific needs for work, travel, or study, I can address them in our lessons.


Helpful Feedback

Throughout the lesson, I’ll let you concentrate on speaking and listening without constant interruptions. After each exercise, I will make corrections on pronunciation and grammar, and introduce new vocabulary and phrases that will help you sound more Spanish. You’ll acquire new ways to express yourself.



After the lesson, you’ll get some notes via email with the highlights of the session + 1 short speaking assignment to help you stay on track until we meet again.
You’ll also have unlimited Q&A regarding language and cultural issues that you may encounter during the time we work together.

How do payments work?

45-min Coffee-Break sessions can be booked as needed and paid via Paypal at the moment of booking. These are for you if you only need occasional practice, or if, for personal/professional reasons, you can’t commit to a regular slot every week and prefer to book on an as-needed basis.

60-min Conversation & Culture lessons can be booked as part of a monthly subscription. We’ll meet at the same time every week. You’ll be billed automatically via Wave on the 1st of each month, so you don’t have to worry about payments. Your fee of 175€ will stay the same every month (even if we meet 5 times instead of 4), and if you start the program in the middle of a month, your first-month fee will be prorated. You can cancel your subscription at any time—just make sure to let me know by the 28th of the previous month. These lessons are for you if you want to acquire long-term fluency and a better understanding of Spanish culture.

Ready to improve your speaking skills and learn more about Spain?

“Inés speaks naturally and clearly. Not too fast, not too slow. At my level I wasn’t able to understand every word but I could participate actively in our chat.
I like that she brought my attention to my mistakes after I finished talking, instead of in the moment, so I didn’t lose my train of thought and it felt like a normal conversation.
I really enjoyed the topics we chatted about!”

Kiersten Brown

Spanish Coffee Break student

“Thank you, Inés, for the beautiful session! Time flew by with you!!!
I loved how, despite having a topic, the conversation felt natural and never lesson-like. I really appreciated all the insights about Spanish slang and idioms!
The session really helped me remember areas to focus on and improve for the next time. Thank you, you’re super!”

Martina Scattolin

Spanish Coffee Break student, Italian Bites

Have any questions?

Get in touch! I’ll be happy to answer and point you in the right direction.

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