Learn the language. Connect with the culture. Feel like you belong.

Struggling to feel at home when in Spain because you don’t fully understand the culture?

Afraid you’ll never become fluent enough to speak spontaneously with native speakers?

You are in the right place.

Discover a new way to learn Spanish:

  • Being able to speak Spanish naturally and without fear
  • No longer feeling left out in conversations because of cultural barriers
  • Understanding the peculiarities of Spanish traditions and lifestyle
  • Being able to make meaningful connections with Spaniards
  • Not feeling like a foreigner anymore, and finally blend in

This is the space for you to become Spanish, not just learn it.

¡Hola! Soy Inés Ramos.

I’m Inés, a Spanish language & culture coach with 15 years’ experience. I’m passionate about helping visitors and expats in Spain understand the nuances of Spanish culture and become autonomous in a country that is often misunderstood, at times puzzling, and always fascinating.

I have seen and experienced first-hand the importance of practicing speaking when learning a language. Sometimes we get stuck on grammar books, listening exercises and reading comprehension, but when it’s time to interact with real-life people… we become blank, frustrated, and we often give up.

I want to help you overcome the speaking barrier and stop missing out on all the fun. And I want you to enjoy the process of becoming self-sufficient in Spanish through topics and materials that will give you a better understanding of Spain and that will expand your curiosity for Spanish culture.

You can learn to speak Spanish naturally, and create meaningful connections with native speakers.

“Inés’ recommendations were all excellent, and we loved all of the places we visited in Barcelona, Madrid and Toledo. I felt that my time with her was well spent, as it gave me a sense of the language and some exposure to the culture, people and places to visit in Spain. 
I recommend Inés to people looking to learn Spanish or to refresh their skills in preparation for a trip to a Spanish-speaking country.”

Jane Hirschhorn

Travel Spanish student, JBH Tutoring

“Inés clearly gives much thought and consideration to the way she conducts her lessons. I feel that each lesson is tailored to my learning style and level of competency. I have confidence that while having Inés as a tutor I will be able to attain the level of fluency that I desire.
I have seen the results that I wanted to see and Inés’ lessons have been an extremely worthwhile investment of my time and money. Highly recommend!”

Benjamin Graybill

Spanish Skill Building student

Learn about Spanish culture with my blog:

Learning a language is so much more than mastering its grammar rules or knowing a large quantity of words.
It’s about being introduced to a new culture and exploring a new way of life.
On my blog, I show readers the real Spain, beyond clichés.

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